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A Student’s Guide to Dental Loupes- Part 1: The Basics

Loupes. It’s something we hear a lot around our dental school, but a month or so back, if you’d asked me anything about what loupes are on the market or how they work, I’d have absolutely no idea…There’s a distinct lack of information available to help dental students make a decision on whether or not to get loupes, and if they decide yes, there are a dozen different specifications to work your head around… ...

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Maxillary overdentures supported by 4 or 6 implants in the anterior region; 1-year results from a randomized controlled trial

Slot W et al. – Comparing treatment outcome of 4 and 6 bar–connected implants in the anterior maxillary region to support an overdenture during a 1–year follow–up period. Bar–supported overdentures on 4 implants in the anterior maxillary region are not inferior to overdentures supported by 6 bar–connected implants. Implant survival was high, peri–implant conditions were healthy and patients’ satisfaction ha ...

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